Groundbreaking 3D imaging technology for gemstone industry

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Combining gemology, technology and software Engemma® is unleashing the potential of disruptive AI to reshape the whole industry.

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  1. Build a future-capable business model?
  2. Embrace new possibilities through AI, 3D & more?
  3. Design and deliver new digital service for the industry?

Efficiency through technology and digital solutions

Increasing the value chain speed and flexibility

Engemma® technology ultimately facilitates gemstone remote and automated assessment. The possibilities are endless with combination of 3D and AI.

Transition from the industrial age to the digital age

Engemma® brings digital solutions to the paper reliant business by increasing transparency and reliability at all stages from miners to wholesalers to end customers.

eCommerce, next level

Imagine being able to remotely assess gemstones reliably online, comparing and reviewing where you are. How would that affect your business? What effects would it have in your customers?

e-Certificate, finally

Digital possibilities such as individual facet inspections, clarity assessment, 3D viewing, … What would you like to see in your e-certificate?

Next generation gemology e-report

For increased authenticity gemology e-reports can be provided with gemstone 3D representation.

A buyer, whether in a brick and mortar store or online, can compare gemstone’s gemology report online to the one located in the database of said gemology laboratory.

View sample reports

Create customer value, lower operating costs and improve image

Engemma® was established in 2014 by GIA Graduate Gemologist Kari Niskanen with a mission to truly liberate the observer and the gemstone from the same physical location. The mission developed into a vision of providing transparency to the gemstone industry.

The imaging system is now at commercialisation stage (multiple patents pending), and all the essential components have already been developed: photography solution, image processing algorithms and gemstone viewing engine.

Contact info

Jukka Auraneva CEO ‭+358 50 564 0220‬
Kari Niskanen Gemologist
Teemu Konttinen Sales +358 40 5003575


Let’s reshape the future together

We are looking for partners in multiple fields, but especially in R&D, potential customers, and finance - we are a startup afterall!

We are happy to get a chance to spar our case if you feel you have an insight, just get in touch!

Contact info

Jukka Auraneva CEO ‭+358 50 564 0220‬
Kari Niskanen Gemologist
Teemu Konttinen Sales +358 40 5003575